Baby Steps

So one would THINK summer would make healthy eating easier— an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, grilling with minimal fats, long days of sunlight to get your exercising done…  July has been a healthy goal roller coaster with too many parties hosted by fabulous cooks and hot days where walking to the fridge for something cold has been difficult.

I learned something though. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cheeseburger or hot dog or ice cream.   It may make my goals take longer to reach but I don’t want a life of missing out on anything fun or yummy.  I refuse to “punish” myself for a little bit of indulgence.   I still struggle with moderation. I probably always will. But, if that’s how I’m put together, that’s how I have to live.

I’ll learn to adjust.

I’ll learn to adapt.

I’ll learn to enjoy myself without feeling guilty and knowing I haven’t  blown it by just taking some time off to enjoy life.

I want to apply this to my writing.

I haven’t updated this blog since February.  I’ve started 6 posts but always walked away from it. I’ve decided I need to express myself in small doses here.  This may be a bit of an experiment.  You will not read many of the emotional topics I wish to discuss all the time.  You’ll get these little thoughts that was bound for Facebook and was transferred here in today’s attempt to stand up to my demons.

I have been silenced and have silenced myself for too long. I’m going to put it out there regardless of my scrambled brain and anxieties.

At least today. 🙂


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