All I Want for Christmas….

I promise this will be the best holiday yet.

Here’s why:

The house will be a mess. Dog fur will be everywhere. Dishes will be in the sink. Laundry will be left in the dryer, on top of the washer, in the hamper or in a jumble on the floor. Please wear slippers so your socks or feet don’t get dirty because the floors didn’t get the proper attention.

Gifts will be under the tree, wrapped with crinkled edges. They might be the wrong size/color/item. The name tag might be on the wrong gift. Please hand it to the sibling next to you.

A menu will be planned but possibly altered because the proper ingredients weren’t bought. The food might be over-done, under cooked and every dietary need may not be met. Please feel free to cook something more to your liking or specific to your diet of choice.

At the end of the day, all I ask is that any food harmful to the pets (chocolate and the like) be placed out of reach. If wine is spilled, Shout gets it out. If a glass/plate/mug breaks, just make sure all the shards are off the floor to protect paws. If there are piles of stuff all over the counter, leave them. That’s why I have no plans on Thursday.

It’s not about how the house looks, the food, the gifts or what gets done or not.

Our family will be together.

That makes it perfect.


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